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Makooky – App intro

Makooky is an application that helps children learn and practice Arabic through songs and stories.
We revamped the App intro.


Al Bustan Festival 2017

Al Bustan Festival was founded in 1994, and has established in Lebanon a unique and unprecedented tradition of a music season in winter.
The founders wished to revive the cultural life of a country reemerging after seventeen years of war. With a predominance of chamber music, the Festival also includes opera, orchestral concerts, choral concerts, dance, marionettes and theater.
Yelo produced the trailer for this year's edition, animated by Chadi Aoun with the visuals of  Joseph Kai and the help of Lama G. Zouein for layout.


Hacked By XwoLfTn

Hacked By XwoLfTn – Tunisian Hacker


SAMT against death penalty

death penalty-01


Article de presse Des Sommets du Cinéma d'Animation – Montréal

Sommets du cinema 'animation Presse


Tanit d'Argent du meilleur court métrage aux JCC!




Carrefour du Cinéma d'animation 14e édition



SAMT(silence) travels

SAMT is globe trotting by being showcased in super interesting I(nternational Festivals. Frankly it is heart warming. I am ever so glad.

Warsaw Film Festival Official SelectionMedfilm Festival Official SelectionAnima Mundi - Brazilian International Film Festival Official SelectionSommets du Cinema d'Animation Official Selection - Montreal DOK Leipzig Official Selection - GermanyArab Film Festival Official Selection - San Fransisco



SAMT(silence) Trailer

Written and Directed by Chadi Aoun
"Silence is the only sound in the city of Ghabra. Any form of expression is met by death.
SAMT is the introduction to a dysfunctional society that is about to implode."

SAMT is an animated short that raises the timely question of freedoms in the Arab world, and the repression thereof. It mainly deals with the topic of freedom of expression through movement. Whether it is the freedom of speech and ideas, or the freedom of being different and choosing a diverse path to the established status quo – SAMT touches on the wider reality of a rising Arab youth who have inherited decayed political, social, and economic systems, and who have found a way to express their voices through the recent uprisings that are still shaking the region in the hope of a better future.

Duration 15' min – color – 2016

Animation: Chadi Aoun

Production: Yelostudio – Afac

Sound Design: Tuneforks – Fadi Tabbal


UNICEF – SOPs Standard Operating Procedures

Strengthening the Child Protection System in Lebanon was one of UNICEF Lebanon priority.
Since the dramatic research results in 2012, the team worked hard to create SOPs. A big progress.
What are the SOPs? The video gives an idea.