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SAMT(silence) travels

SAMT is globe trotting by being showcased in super interesting I(nternational Festivals. Frankly it is heart warming. I am ever so glad.

Warsaw Film Festival Official SelectionMedfilm Festival Official SelectionAnima Mundi - Brazilian International Film Festival Official SelectionSommets du Cinema d'Animation Official Selection - Montreal DOK Leipzig Official Selection - GermanyArab Film Festival Official Selection - San Fransisco



SAMT(silence) Trailer

Written and Directed by Chadi Aoun
"Silence is the only sound in the city of Ghabra. Any form of expression is met by death.
SAMT is the introduction to a dysfunctional society that is about to implode."

SAMT is an animated short that raises the timely question of freedoms in the Arab world, and the repression thereof. It mainly deals with the topic of freedom of expression through movement. Whether it is the freedom of speech and ideas, or the freedom of being different and choosing a diverse path to the established status quo – SAMT touches on the wider reality of a rising Arab youth who have inherited decayed political, social, and economic systems, and who have found a way to express their voices through the recent uprisings that are still shaking the region in the hope of a better future.

Duration 15' min – color – 2016

Animation: Chadi Aoun

Production: Yelostudio – Afac

Sound Design: Tuneforks – Fadi Tabbal


UNICEF – SOPs Standard Operating Procedures

Strengthening the Child Protection System in Lebanon was one of UNICEF Lebanon priority.
Since the dramatic research results in 2012, the team worked hard to create SOPs. A big progress.
What are the SOPs? The video gives an idea.



Things I'm Not – Beirut Dance Company (teaser)

Here is a teaser for the newest work from the Beirut Dance company. A new Pas de deux choreographed by Nada Kano and interpreted by Cindy Germany and Chadi Aoun.

What to say about it… I love it.

This Show will be held  in Madina Theatre for 6 nights only, on February 12, 13, 14, 19, 20 and 21 at 20:30.

(2016 of course)

Thank you Kassim Dabaji for the nice footage.





Before touring in Paris, The Beirut Dance Company will be performing Borderline in Lebanon, a creation by Nada Kano which draws on the vices, which consume human nature and compel him to his doom.
Interpreted by 5 dancers, this single bill will be held in Lebanon, Madina Theatre for 4 nights only, on November 26, 27, 28 and 29 2015 at 20:30 before performing in Paris in December, 2015.

Performed by | Chadi Aoun, Paddy Eid, Cindy Germany, Maya Nasr & Yara Nassar


Some doodles


I forget to post stuff like that.. sketches,doodles, illustrations… I will try to do it more often.


British Council – Accessing Education Documentary

Documentary directed and edited by Yasmine Sarout.

One bit of a series of documentaries about education in Lebanon, with the British Council, others with the French Consulate and teach for Lebanon.


Palme D'or for Waves '98

Never enough excitement around this beautiful animation short directed by Ely Dagher. A more or less 2 years production project, from start to beautiful finishing, has swiped the Palme d'Or at Cannes on this Sunday 24th of May 2015. Immensely happy for Ely and for Animation in Lebanon, and so proud to have helped bringing some scenes to life.

Yalla; for when is the next project?!


Jamalouki Mag Ad

A short Animation we did for Jamalouki Magazine that goes online.
For once I show some of the sketches/animation rough.
A thing I do not do often; although I should…




BORDERLINE – Beirut Dance Company (preview)

“Of flesh, soul, bodies and emotion, beings gravitate on the stage of a human odyssey. An oh so human condition, condemned to dream of skies that are further and further away. Splendors and miseries of beings struggling with their demons, because down here, in this babel of bodies, the tower of sins seems well and truly erected.”

BORDERLINE (Beirut Dance Company)
Choreography: Nada Kano
Dancers: Joanna Aoun – Cindy Germany – Maya Nasr – Kim Baraka – Chadi Aoun

Thank you for Christina Farah (Producer) – Denise Khalife (Stage Design) – Patrick Farah (Costumes) – Hagop Derghougassian (Stage Lighting) – Karim Ghorayeb & Nicolas Cardahi (DOP) and all that helped even with moral support.

A video signed Yelostudio.