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Al Bustan Festival 2017

Al Bustan Festival was founded in 1994, and has established in Lebanon a unique and unprecedented tradition of a music season in winter.
The founders wished to revive the cultural life of a country reemerging after seventeen years of war. With a predominance of chamber music, the Festival also includes opera, orchestral concerts, choral concerts, dance, marionettes and theater.
Yelo produced the trailer for this year's edition, animated by Chadi Aoun with the visuals of  Joseph Kai and the help of Lama G. Zouein for layout.


Opening – Né..à Beyrouth


Al Bustan festival 2009

Its a bit old, but like a lot of the things we do, we forget to post them on the blog, or just get carried away with another project and find no time to do so.

2 years later sounds a good time…


We are screened at Kinofest Festival

ars we are being very festival-active lately…

We have six shorts selected for the Kinofest Film Festival:

  • Ahawa
  • Beirut
  • La Fille a Cent Sous
  • Lost
  • Synchro (which is not a yelostudio movie but a collaborative work with several friends: Theresa Abboud, Amandine Brenas, Marylin Farah, and Patrick Sfeir)
  • Zeid & Leila

Kinofest is an ambitious Romanian festival which promotes young film-makers. It has a very good selection and we are really happy to contribute.

It appears we are being very festival-active lately…


Wouhouuuu! We are Chekchy!

Two yelostudio movies ("La Fille à Cent Sous" and "Zeid & Leila") have been selected for the NO TABOO 2009, 4th International Festival of Animation and Sex Education in Rio de Janeiro! This is a festival that concentrates on animation in relation with sex & relationships! We don't always make a fuss about it when we are selected, but we are specially proud to be screened there, at a festival that treats animation as a mature medium for a mature audience…And that has "sex" in its title!

From the website:
The Short Animation Competition Program is made up of Brazilian and foreign animations from Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Korea, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, USA, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Lebanon (<– that's us!!), Malaysia, United Kingdom, Sweden and Uruguay. The subjects covered by the animations are related to love, romance, safe sex, relationships, sexuality, gender, sexual diversity and eroticism, many animations treat the subject with good humor.

So if you have some money, I expect you to book a trip there right away so you can watch our movies in all their sexy glory.

Sem Tabu

Sem Tabu Header Image


..né.a Beyrouth & Zeid wa Leila

Zeid wa Leila is going to be screened at the ..né.a Beyrouth festival, on Friday the 21th, around 21:30

Also, will be screened the short animations of our dear friends:

  • Hybride, by Marylin Farah, on Friday also, at 18:30;
  • Günz, by Amandine Brenas, Saturday 22, at 20:00.

Enjoy Lebanese Animation!