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Al Bustan Festival 2017

Al Bustan Festival was founded in 1994, and has established in Lebanon a unique and unprecedented tradition of a music season in winter.
The founders wished to revive the cultural life of a country reemerging after seventeen years of war. With a predominance of chamber music, the Festival also includes opera, orchestral concerts, choral concerts, dance, marionettes and theater.
Yelo produced the trailer for this year's edition, animated by Chadi Aoun with the visuals of  Joseph Kai and the help of Lama G. Zouein for layout.


UNICEF – SOPs Standard Operating Procedures

Strengthening the Child Protection System in Lebanon was one of UNICEF Lebanon priority.
Since the dramatic research results in 2012, the team worked hard to create SOPs. A big progress.
What are the SOPs? The video gives an idea.



Jamalouki Mag Ad

A short Animation we did for Jamalouki Magazine that goes online.
For once I show some of the sketches/animation rough.
A thing I do not do often; although I should…




Alice au Pays des Merveilles – Beirut Dance Project

Come join us this December in "Alice au pays des Merveilles" the new classical dance show performed by the Beirut Dance Project and choreographed by Nada Kano.
28 not to miss classical trained dancers will perform for 8 days in Monnot theater from the 19th till the 29th of December.

Launched for the first time in 2009 in Lebanon by Nada kano, the Beirut Dance Project starts as an initiative that allows dancers who cannot afford the fees to benefit from scholarships at the Beirut Dance Studio. The project has two major goals. The first one is to grant access to the arts world to children who are living in difficult social and financial contexts. This channel would offer marginalized children an alternative way of overcoming their daily problems through the psychological and physical benefits linked to dance practice such as self-confidence, discipline, mental strength as well as providing them with a mean to express themselves. The second main goal is to spot talents and offer young people a chance to achieve their dream of becoming dancers; thus creating a group of professional Lebanese dancers and therefore empowering the dance sector in Lebanon.

To date more than 190 children from deprived areas in Beirut benefited from the project. The selected children follow currently the pre-professional dance training. They are offered daily dance classes, transportation to and from the Beirut Dance Studio, and dance outfits; they also benefit from framework activities such as workshops and dance performances.

70% of the BDP participants are scholarship holder, the 30% remaining are students from the amateurs section at the Beirut Dance Studio who switched to the pre-professional one to train daily with the rest of the participants.

This December, they are performing “Alice au pays des merveilles” with the support of some of the Beirut Dance Company professional dancers.


SAMT (Silence) – Work in progress

SAMT is my latest creation; it is an animated short that raises the timely question of freedoms in the Arab world, and the repression thereof. It mainly deals with the topic of freedom of expression through movement. Whether it is the freedom of speech and ideas, or the freedom of being different and choosing a diverse path to the established status quo – SAMT touches on the wider reality of a rising Arab youth who have inherited decayed political, social, and economic systems, and who have found a way to express their voices through the recent uprisings that are still shaking the region in the hope of a better future.

The city where the story takes place is called "Ghabra" which it the Arabic word for "Dust"

Here are some layouts of the city; it is a mixtures of different references I gathered from Beirut, Marrakesh, Damascus and Aleppo, Cairo and Jerusalem.

Ghabra City

SAMT can mean ‘silence’ in Arabic. But the richness of the Arabic language has a milder word for that, which could be ‘soukout’. Therefore, in the broader sense, SAMT takes a stronger meaning here, one of muteness, conveyed by the general absence of speech in the movie – and broken through a single sound to rise against it. It explores the absence of freedoms in a repressive system where there is no room for freedom of ideas, of movement, of choice, in a monochrome world where colors (differences) are prohibited.

Here is a sample of Ghabra city from the movie:

Ghabra at night Samt

Another nuance is that silence or ‘noiselessness’ can mean calm, peace and quiet. But SAMT is intended to portray the meaning of ‘silence’ as it is lived and experienced by the Arab youth: a perpetual censorship, be it formal or socially imposed. With retrospective, I realize that with SAMT I naturally treated a subject that conveyed a deeply rooted rebellion against a crippling system. SAMT was a direct result of how I perceived things, an expression of the plight that all of us living in the Arab world share to various degrees, and which became, unexpectedly so, headline news nowadays: The ‘Arab spring’ and the need for freedoms, expression being one of those freedoms, and so versatile.

A character preview from the short movie – the movie's opening and the presentation of the plot is conveyed through her… so for me she is quite an important character.Sahar


The protagonists in SAMT live in a bubble as well. Of course the metaphor, thank to the magic of animation, can be stretched to the edges of imagination. Without pointing fingers, it denounces a general and failed ecosystem, and carries a universal message. It is suitable for all ages, genders and backgrounds. It is silent in word, but dense in sound (effects and music) giving it a more universal touch. This little movie is a metaphor about freedoms of expression (music, movement etc.) and the acceptance of the different other (beyond mere diversity of creed) and a hymn to pluralism in the Arab world and the right to exist in those differences, with a pinch of “joie de vivre”.


As a last image for now, it is fair to introduce the Hero of the short movie "Leil", through whom the story unfolds.

Leil in heaven

SAMT is a work in progress short movie. Thanks to the help of AFAC, I am now able to finalize it;

Soon it will be out and running in festivals. Will be posting some more images later on!

Cheers for all animation lovers!!!




UNICEF – Min Manzel ila Manzel

"Min Manzel ila Manzel" is a new awareness campaign against Polio disease that just reappeared in Lebanon.
Campaign created by Yelostudio and produced by UNICEF (Lebanon) in collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Health.


Unrealating – Choreographing and not communicating

Through bodies that find and hang on to each other, suspended in space – that of exploration – comes the time of heavy legacies, old wounds, the mad mental race… frolics become dialectics, internal debates.
«Un•re(a)lating» tells the story of adventures and incomprehension between individuals but also within the forces of our environment.

Choreography and artistic direction: Nada Kano

Edited : Chadi Aoun

Filmed : Ely Dagher, Kassim Dabaji


Unicef : Child protection system in Lebanon

Part of a large campaign, here is a short movie we produced for UNICEF summing up the challenges and opportunities that encounters a child at risk in Lebanon;
What is interesting here is, that UNICEF was the first organization to make such studies and get accurate numbers on Lebanese ground, let alone in the region.
The report they did is huge and detailed, so here is a tailored short movie that gives an overall simpler view on the matter.


LibanPost 2d animations

A project in full 2d! Had to be short stories quickly understandable, and in 2D only!
Always exiting to have 2D projects, because they aren't much in demand in Lebanon, la sou2 el hazz. A wonderful medium not yet appreciated for it true value.
So here are samples of a total of 20 different clips for Leoburnett.
Currently running in LibanPost office's screens.


Ktof – Chadi Aoun, Cynthia Raphael, Bruna Atallah

“Ktof” woke up on an small island with only one hope of escape.

My first stop motion movie; worked hand in hand with Cynthia Raphael and Bruna Attallah; Was tiring, great fun and very constructive.

Animation is really hardcore…