Random Stuff



Brainstorming for an upcoming animation about the Phoenician alphabet

Shampoo Ad

Short ad for a shampoo brand, designed for a musical channel on TV.

Sea of Stars

Presentation of the premiere for the movie "Bahr al Noujoum".

Yelo Posters

Posters of some animation shorts of ours.

Zeid & Leila

Galleries related to the Zeid & Leila animation

  • Phoenicia
School Book

Some illustrations from a children school book.

School Book 2

Illustrations for children books

School Book 3

A very nice scholar year long project of illustration and puppet creation for a Lebanese Edition House. We covered different styles of drawing and worked with several talented Lebanese illustrators; was fun. Here is a glimpse of it.


Some illustrations for a fashion website and its newsletter.

Random Pictures

Some random pictures

Black and White

Some black and white drawings

Blown Away

Fashion Week

Global Perspective

Some Illustrations

Hand-drawn illustrations

Fatal Attraction


A comic published by the CD Theque

School Book 4

illustrations for english

  • Ecology Awareness Game
Youssef Haidar Website

The website of Youssef Haidar, talented Lebanese architect

Orient 499

Design & coding of the Orient 499 website: http://www.orient499.com

Qatar For Lebanon

A website for Qatar for Lebanon. Our first attempt at a corporate website. The website since then has been taken down.

Various Web Designs

Some web stuff

Random Interactive Stuff

Some web/CDs projects


website for the Armenian restaurant Mayrig

  • School Book

Character sketches for an animation project

Digital Doodles

Just some place to dump the stuff we draw for fun

Sumo TV

Some character designs for Sumo TV

Real Sketches

Sketches drawn on real paper with real drawing tools


Some random drawings of girls


Projects that didn't quite make it for various reasons

  • Diwadiwan
Ecology Awareness Game

A project of video game in partnership with the Lebanese Ministry of Ecology. Sadly neither them nor we were able to find enough sponsors, thus the project was dropped.


Fictional website that allows the user to choose his baby according to his preferences, add him to a cart and buy him.

Khan el Saboun

A video game that teaches about soap-making, using the Khan el Saboun of Saida as a setting and inspiration. Sadly the project was abandoned.

  • Character Design for a milk brand
Character Design for a milk brand

The client came up with the name, "Joujou".

Character Sketches in Black and White

Some random character sketches. Most of them are drawn in direct ink, without any construction, so some of them have wrong proportions.

Some Random Characters

Some random character designs.

  • Random Pictures

Some logos we did

  • Shampoo Ad