Random Stuff

POPLOV – Collection

A recent collection of items I created, mixing different medias such as digital drawing, collages, painting, photo retouching, printing and mounting.
Basically enjoying texture and visuals that remind me of my youth and inspired by old movie posters from the region.
It all started with a series of postcards, and soon evolved into big scale canvas paintings.
Now working on more 3 dimensional objects, and exploring still this endless path of Applied Arts.
My work is presented and sold at  Orient 499 Gallery.




KAFA campaign 2013

KAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation is a Lebanese non-profit, non-political, non-confessional civil society organization committed to the achievement of gender-equality and non-discrimination, and the advancement of the human rights of women and children.
They came to us with a new daring campaign, against marital abuse of women, and we gave it life. Displayed here is the outdoor visual and the  TV spot.

Basicly there is no real law in Lebanon providing protection for abused women. Although in 2009, the  Cheaf of Parliament clearly stated a reform in that sense…. since then, women and children keep suffering and dying with no legal backup to protect them. "Paroles Paroles…"


HAPPY 2013 !

When Lebanon expresses its wishes… overwhelming.


Wedding Card

Second wedding card I do so far; quite resembling the actual groom and bride;

All wrapped up in the kitschy cool, "vintage film poster" look.

Yalla 3e2belkon as they say.


Pin Pay

We did 2 visuals for this ad campaign, this is one of them. Client: Lorem Ipsum.



Tbi = Tableau Blanc Interactif, a new age black board consisting of a white screen, a projector, and a camera that films your movement that make the screen "touch" enabled. As it is making its way to different schools abroad and in Lebanon, here are some samples of interactive exercises that we designed and created for Hachette Antoine.


Map Design for Kidzmania

Here a cool project for Leoburnett, a map design, and illustration we provided (Jad Sarout, Chadi Aoun, Amandine Brenas) for Kidzmania, opening soon in Lebanon.


New round illustrations

A tiny sample of a big load of illustrations with Hachette Antoine, in collaboration with chadi Aoun, Amandine brenas, Patrick Sfeir, Rami Tannous.

Not updating often, because of lack of time, I managed to gather some samples here; hope soon to put on some others.