Random Stuff

Some doodles


I forget to post stuff like that.. sketches,doodles, illustrations… I will try to do it more often.


Beirut Open Stage

Bel Arabi

Visual created for Beirut Open Stage, a great initiative by Elias Maroun, that promotes all kind of cool underground Lebanese music bands.

For its Next Edition, Beirut Open Stage wants to turn the spotlight on Arab writing and local culture, and is therefore organizing an Arabic Edition entitled:
"Bel 3arabé – بالعربي."

A Call for Artists is ON! Save your spot to perform in front of a wide audience, and meet professionals of the music industry.


Happy 2014!


In a lot of ways 2013 wasn't easy. We bet 2014 is full of surprises. Always look ahead. Cheers to all!


Hachette Antoine illustrations

040-M2-EBF3 EBF3-M3-046-047 EB3-M6-130-131 EB3-M4-084

Some illustration introducing a bigger project : new school books for the up-coming year.


Illustrations for Hachette Antoine

Again this year, another big project has ended : school books for Hachette Antoine.
As always Yelo surrounds itself with several good artists to bring this collection to life; some examples here.
Thank you Maya Fidawi, Joelle Achkar, Chadi Aoun, Patrick Sfeir, Kamal Hakim and Cinzea Sileo.


Snack Box

Design and illustration for Jihad Lichaa and his snack box project (Elie dagher, Chadi Aoun)


Pasteur: I am curious

New postal card design for Pasteur. Lots of fun to do!


PASTEUR – My First Time

Register online at pasteursays.com before the 15th of april…

Or you will miss the first opening night of Pasteur.


School books last

Some new illustrations to put a closure to this big for kinder-garden books project


Kindergarden books, posters and exercices production

Year long Illustration project that just came to an end lately;  We collaborated with several talented freelancers in order to present a creative product and beautiful imagery to the client;  The project is too huge to  totally upload; here is a glimpse of some drawings chosen to present the team and the different artwork styles; Cheers for the illustrators! was great working with you all.