Random Stuff

colorHTML PHP Class

This is a really simple class that returns color codes from color names and vice-versa. Read the rest of this entry »


Simple SWF Loader

For those of you that are not on the coding side, but still use flash, here is a really simple SWF preloader for your sites and animations, easy to customize. It's done in Flash CS3 and uses actionscript 3.0. Read the rest of this entry »


HandyCam Simulation in After Effects

This is a collection of presets that simulates a manual hand cam (meaning, it shakes and it looses focus), like the effect that can be seen in many modern Japanese anime such as Naruto. If used subtly, it can just add a spark of life to a still picture. Read the rest of this entry »


Photoshop Brushes

Some nice brushes we use when coloring in Photoshop. After trying thousands of brushes and never finding a set that we quite liked, we set out to create our own, and we are pleased with the results. Read the rest of this entry »