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Hacked By XwoLfTn

Hacked By XwoLfTn – Tunisian Hacker


SAMT against death penalty

death penalty-01


Article de presse Des Sommets du Cinéma d'Animation – Montréal

Sommets du cinema 'animation Presse


Tanit d'Argent du meilleur court métrage aux JCC!




SAMT(silence) travels

SAMT is globe trotting by being showcased in super interesting I(nternational Festivals. Frankly it is heart warming. I am ever so glad.

Warsaw Film Festival Official SelectionMedfilm Festival Official SelectionAnima Mundi - Brazilian International Film Festival Official SelectionSommets du Cinema d'Animation Official Selection - Montreal DOK Leipzig Official Selection - GermanyArab Film Festival Official Selection - San Fransisco



Palme D'or for Waves '98

Never enough excitement around this beautiful animation short directed by Ely Dagher. A more or less 2 years production project, from start to beautiful finishing, has swiped the Palme d'Or at Cannes on this Sunday 24th of May 2015. Immensely happy for Ely and for Animation in Lebanon, and so proud to have helped bringing some scenes to life.

Yalla; for when is the next project?!


AS3 in Linux – Part 2

two years after this post, what is the state of AS3 development under Linux?

Well, I will tell you upfront, it is looking much brighter.

Let us review what is needed:

  1. A nice IDE with code completion and project management
  2. A debugger for tracing output
  3. A compiler for creating swfs (if other formats are available, that would be nice too)

If you are looking for a decent setup under Ubuntu 10.04 (or 10.10), read along.Ste Read the rest of this entry »


Gifts Ideas

for those of you that are running out of gifts ideas, here are a three things you can get that are not expensive and that allow you to be helping the Lebanese artistic scene all the while:

Mashrou3 Leila's CD

Mashrou3 Leila Cover

Great music from Lebanon's greatest band

..ne.a Beyrouth's DVD

Dvd Lebanese Filmmakers

Very nice movies from Lebanon's upcoming talents (shameless self-promotion: features a yelomovie too!)

Tarek Chemaly's Archewallogy

Archewallogy Book Cover

Very interesting book about our beloved city's talkative walls


AS3 in Linux

[edit 2: new updated article! Check it out here]

[edit: I am not sure this article is still relevant. Still interesting, but not exhaustive. There is a few new methods I did not know about (thanks tom) that I have to try…See the comments for more details]

Ok, I have been trying to code in AS3 in Ubuntu.
All I can say is Adobe is not making an easy life to the coder who doesn't want to use Windows.
I have been on the lookout for a solution for quite some time now…Just to be clear from the start: I did not find a suitable answer. But keep on reading, there is half-baked solutions here.

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Square Pixels to Other Formats Conversion

Sometimes you need to work in a software  that does not support anything besides square pixels format; for example, you might have to use Adobe Flash, but the final output is a PAL or NTSC format. You will have problems unless you prepare your document right beforehand.
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