Random Stuff

Unrealating – Choreographing and not communicating

Through bodies that find and hang on to each other, suspended in space – that of exploration – comes the time of heavy legacies, old wounds, the mad mental race… frolics become dialectics, internal debates.
«Un•re(a)lating» tells the story of adventures and incomprehension between individuals but also within the forces of our environment.

Choreography and artistic direction: Nada Kano

Edited : Chadi Aoun

Filmed : Ely Dagher, Kassim Dabaji


POPLOV – Collection

A recent collection of items I created, mixing different medias such as digital drawing, collages, painting, photo retouching, printing and mounting.
Basically enjoying texture and visuals that remind me of my youth and inspired by old movie posters from the region.
It all started with a series of postcards, and soon evolved into big scale canvas paintings.
Now working on more 3 dimensional objects, and exploring still this endless path of Applied Arts.
My work is presented and sold at  Orient 499 Gallery.




Puppets again

This year is closing again with couple of thousand hand puppets production;

More ideas are yet to come…


Puppet Design and Production

A very fun to do project for kids; a big amount of hand puppets that we designed and produced from scratch.