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happy 2012

yelo wishes you the best 2012, filled with dreams, and friendship, and electricity 24 hours a day.

Coloured Final

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Grading the Lebanese Constitution

Ricardo Mbarkho has done it again: his latest initiative, dastooronline, explores our emotional and rational attitude towards our constitution by allowing anonymous people to rate each and every article of the said constitution. An overall rating is displayed on the header of the page, and several statistical data collations around help you to assess the relevance of the numbers better.

The more people will rate, the more this will get interesting, so go there and participate!


we've been plagiarized!

Woohoo! Finally someone has deemed our work good enough to copy it!

I won't post to the video to not give the guys referencing from our blog, but you can search youtube for Romero Cheese, and click on the third link.

And this is Raksit Leila – Mashrou' Leila (our/mashrou' Leila's original one), if you wanna compare.


Mayrig Restaurant

Well this is quite old but for some reason we forgot to post it:

The website for the restaurant Mayrig. It got nominated for the hospitality webawards.


Quick Drawing Heads Tutorial

I was recently reading Force, by Michael D. Matessi. It contains a lot of useful information, but something in particular caught my attention: he apparently uses cubes to block out heads. So I set out to try that, and I am here explaining my own point of view on the matter. Read the rest of this entry »


AS3 in Linux – Part 2

two years after this post, what is the state of AS3 development under Linux?

Well, I will tell you upfront, it is looking much brighter.

Let us review what is needed:

  1. A nice IDE with code completion and project management
  2. A debugger for tracing output
  3. A compiler for creating swfs (if other formats are available, that would be nice too)

If you are looking for a decent setup under Ubuntu 10.04 (or 10.10), read along.Ste Read the rest of this entry »


Nite Jewel – Artificial Intelligence

The lastest fantastic video from the none less fantastic Ely Dagher!


Le Trefle et les Quatres Royaumes

Ralph Doumit's new book, "Le Trefle et les Quatres Royaumes" is out!

The story is about Filémon, a young valet who will try everything to stop the waging war between the Heart, Spades, Clubs and Diamonds kingdoms.
Come meet him on  the 30th & 31th of october and/or 6th & 7th of November at Samir Editeur's stand B10 in the Salon Francophone du Livre (Biel)


Archewallogy San Francisco – The colors of wisdom

Tarek Chemaly's new book, the sequel to Archewollogy, is out!


It's a good read (and it's free!), so download the book and watch the associated video


Zeid & Leila


Zeid & Leila wake up in their new appartement.

This is a bit old, but it has just been uploaded to youtube…Not suitable for minors.
If you want to know a bit about the creation process, you can check those albums:

  • Ludo