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About Us

yelo was born in 2003. At the time, it was called yelostudio, and was the created in the hope of finding a way to work differently. It has been growing ever since, and produced many projects in wide array of fields, such as animation, advertising, comics, event design, music videos, and many more.
In late 2009, unexpected events led it to maturity, and yelo was reborn; gathering the energy and talents of different people from different backgrounds, it still pursues its main objective: quality personal works, and collaboration between artists and clients.
yelo is trying something new; we believe that equality and openness, as a canvas for production, leads to exponential creativity. It may sound like an utopian way of doing business; even lawyers couldn't really guide us in through the process of laying down our structure.
But so far we have been standing strong!

This is not our official website. We lack the time for developing a real website, so until we can free some weeks to work on our own stuff, here is a blog (we did not design anything: the engine is wordpress, and the theme is "Grid Focus 1.1" by Derek Punsalan) that will get us going in the meanwhile. Feel free to browse our stuff…Have a nice stay!