Random Stuff

LibanPost 2d animations

A project in full 2d! Had to be short stories quickly understandable, and in 2D only!
Always exiting to have 2D projects, because they aren't much in demand in Lebanon, la sou2 el hazz. A wonderful medium not yet appreciated for it true value.
So here are samples of a total of 20 different clips for Leoburnett.
Currently running in LibanPost office's screens.



Tbi = Tableau Blanc Interactif, a new age black board consisting of a white screen, a projector, and a camera that films your movement that make the screen "touch" enabled. As it is making its way to different schools abroad and in Lebanon, here are some samples of interactive exercises that we designed and created for Hachette Antoine.


Snack Box

Design and illustration for Jihad Lichaa and his snack box project (Elie dagher, Chadi Aoun)


Map Design for Kidzmania

Here a cool project for Leoburnett, a map design, and illustration we provided (Jad Sarout, Chadi Aoun, Amandine Brenas) for Kidzmania, opening soon in Lebanon.


New round illustrations

A tiny sample of a big load of illustrations with Hachette Antoine, in collaboration with chadi Aoun, Amandine brenas, Patrick Sfeir, Rami Tannous.

Not updating often, because of lack of time, I managed to gather some samples here; hope soon to put on some others.