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Samir Editeur bits

Different animations we did for Samir editeur; we took some parts of them and mounted them into a single short clip.

On each, we collaborated with an illustrator; indeed the animations are linked to a prior illustrated book, and thus should keep the same style.

In order, the first clip "La valse des fleurs" was done with the illustrator Joelle Achkar, the second, "Valère et le Yéti" with Cinzeo Cileo, and the last "La récré" with Angela Nurpetlian.


Al Bustan festival 2010 add


Al Bustan festival 2009

Its a bit old, but like a lot of the things we do, we forget to post them on the blog, or just get carried away with another project and find no time to do so.

2 years later sounds a good time…