Random Stuff

Quick Drawing Heads Tutorial

I was recently reading Force, by Michael D. Matessi. It contains a lot of useful information, but something in particular caught my attention: he apparently uses cubes to block out heads. So I set out to try that, and I am here explaining my own point of view on the matter. Read the rest of this entry »


Think before you Speak


My sister told me that "Google before you tweet" is the new "Think before you Speak".

I find that sad but brilliant; so i felt like quick sketching it.


AS3 in Linux – Part 2

two years after this post, what is the state of AS3 development under Linux?

Well, I will tell you upfront, it is looking much brighter.

Let us review what is needed:

  1. A nice IDE with code completion and project management
  2. A debugger for tracing output
  3. A compiler for creating swfs (if other formats are available, that would be nice too)

If you are looking for a decent setup under Ubuntu 10.04 (or 10.10), read along.Ste Read the rest of this entry »