Random Stuff

City and the Sun

"In the middle of football fever, I would like to raise a different flag: that of our fading collective memory…"

These are few words of Isabelle's new blog "City and the sun"

We love following her ideas and her skilled writing.  Till now she writes a post once a month; but if we encourage her she will surely write more. Go iza!


Nite Jewel – Artificial Intelligence

The lastest fantastic video from the none less fantastic Ely Dagher!


Petit Shoe de Boutville”

Joelle Achkar's new book "Petit shoe de boutville"

Don't know what the story is about yet, but we will find out in Biel (Salon du livre) Saturday november 6th from 4 to 6 pm.

We always were fans of Joelle's work.  Can't wait to see that one.