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Trying Corel Painter

I am trying my hand at Corel Painter. It revealed to be much harder than I thought. It is not as convenient and "clean" as Photoshop, and not as rough as real media. It borrows some of the problems of both worlds. I quite do not know yet how useful it can be, but I like it.
I did not have time yet to stay on a drawing for long.
This is what I have achieved so far:

trial 1

Five minutes after opening Painter for the first time, this is what I was able to come up with.

doodles with painter

doodles with painter

I know, don't tell me, you did not feel any artistic orgasm while looking at it.

trial 2

After spending some time being puzzled by the gigantic amount of options and brushes that all look the same to me, I decided I needed to draw something, fast. So I did this:

random drawing

random drawing

Still not the piece of art my ego requested.

trial 3

A bit frustrated, I went to Amandine to get a crash course, and after listening to her wise advice, and more importantly, watch her use Painter for some time, I was able to understand a bit better how the whole thingy works. Alternating seats, we both drew this:

a bit better

a bit better

It's alright for a ten minute thing.

I'll be posting my progress, but I never met such a steep learning curve in any software in my life.


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