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Mashrou3 Leila CD

Mashrou3 Leila Cover

Mashrou3 Leila's CD is out!
I am not good at writing music reviews, so I will not pretend to be writing one now. I'll just say that overall, it is a great CD, full of tracks each more refreshing than the other. It does not sound like just another "exotic-orient-occident-mix" or just another take at Ziad's legacy, but has its own texture and depth. More importantly, is genuinely fun, good music. It is music with a soul. You absolutely must listen to it, many times in a row.
you need to buy it!

Yes, I did say buy it, not download it. I knooow, it is a shocking word nowadays, but: when the band is independent, and produced by b-root, a fresh young new production house, and when all that bunch of people is actually counting on sales to live, then, you must buy the music. If they sell enough CDs, they might actually make enough money to think about a second CD. So you must buy the CDs, readers.

Specially when the music is so great!

Go get the CD now, in fact, get several of them and offer them on Christmas. Then go back and get a few more.



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  • nimsai

    yooohoooo ive got 3 already and want to buy 3 more!!!

  • nimsai

    bestestestestest music evaaaaaaa

  • yeks

    i got only one! but i am getting a bunch for the family. last time it was running i sat and watched them dancing like crazy! sweettt

  • author30

    Where can I buy the CD?? I live in California, USA.