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Raksit Leila Shooting

It was a full-week rush!

It was exhausting as hell, but was so much fun that fatigue gets totally forgotten.

First, the people from the team (apart from Yasmine, Chadi & me):
Abdallah Hattoum worked wonders creating an even better set than what we had imagined, on a very short notice too;
Maher Safar did more than producing and was always present anytime anything was needed;
Nadim Saoma, our DOP, whom I suspect to be a wizard, used some magic to produce some fantastic images within harsh conditions, and managed to make us all laugh in the process.

But that is not everything: the people from Mashrou3 Leila were all extraordinary, easy-going, never uttering a negative word, no matter how much we tortured them. Not only that, but they even helped all along during the process, staying later then needed of them to brief the next band member in queue, giving helpful opinions, and so on.

All in all, thanks to everyone involved, it was a great shooting that felt more like fun than actual work.

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