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Sunday Linkdump #1

From time to time I will toss interesting links. This is called "Sunday Linkdump", but don't expect it to be a regular Sunday event…It will be whenever there is some free time.
So, here are some links for the bored.
Ok, so first, in the News & Info section:

Now about Games & Interactivity

  • Interesting speech about video games and why it should be given purpose here. I agree with almost nothing of what this guy says, but it is still interesting.
  • Take a look at Bitter Aftertaste which seems like an interesting game
  • If you want to play, there is  Mountain Maniac from pixeljam (the guys behind the excellent dinorun). You can also try Bushido Edge.
  • This guy, in a desperate attempt to rehabilitate video games as an art, compares Nintendo's Metroid and Orson's Citizen Kane. He is completely missing the point of video games as an art, but it is somewhat funny for the geeks out there.
  • Very interesting indie gaming competition: Assemblee. Artists create sounds, music and images, then coders create games out of them.
  • Go to this guy's website, and if you can, buy his game. He does games (very good ones) on his own and needs the money to keep going. Help the indie scene!

Now, in Arts & Design, we have (not much, I am having troubles being impressed by what I see lately):

And, last but not least:


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