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Simple SWF Loader

For those of you that are not on the coding side, but still use flash, here is a really simple SWF preloader for your sites and animations, easy to customize. It's done in Flash CS3 and uses actionscript 3.0.


  1. Open the zip file and extract both files in the same folder as your original flash movie
  2. open swfLoader.fla, and make it the same size  (width/height/framerate) as your original movie. If you want, add decorative stuff. be careful not to add too much! The purpose of a preloader is that it loads quickly
  3. open swfLoader.as and find the line that says "your.swf" (it is line 33). Replace "your.swf" by the name of your own original flash movie.
  4. publish & use!

This works falls under the "3alataba2ayre" license, meaning you can do whatever pleases you with it, there is no copyright whatsoever on it.

Download it here.


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