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HandyCam Simulation in After Effects

This is a collection of presets that simulates a manual hand cam (meaning, it shakes and it looses focus), like the effect that can be seen in many modern Japanese anime such as Naruto. If used subtly, it can just add a spark of life to a still picture.

These few after effects presets that can come in handy. To install them, navigate to your After Effects folder, then go to

Support Files then to Presets. There, create a new folder, for example "yelostudio" and drop the ffx files that you will have extruded from the zip. Then start After Effects, open the "effects and presets" panel and navigate to "*Animation Presets > yelostudio".

camera_shake.zip contains five presets with more or less similar effects:

  • handycam wiggle: Is simple method of simulating handycam effects. Apply it to a footage. Do not touch the effects, just use the "camera wiggle" slider to get a more or less wiggly camera.
  • handycam advanced: Gives more or less the same effect as "camera wiggle", but you are in full control of all aspects (minimum and maximum range of rotation, blurriness, and so on)
  • handycam quake: Is designed to give exagerated effects, like for example someone holding a camera while running.
  • handycam simple: As simple as the "handycam wiggle", but its effect is a little different. Choose which to use according to the desired final output.

download the file here.


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