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Today I Die

The latest game by Daniel Benmergui is simpy great. It's called "Today I Die".

screencap from the Today I Die game by Daniel Benmergui

screencap from the Today I Die game by Daniel Benmergui

It is an artistic piece in between a poem and a video game; But also, this game is a milestone in my gaming experience: I've seen my share of experimental and "artistic" (whatever that term means to you) games. But this one manages to hold a great artistic potential without sacrificing the play value. It is a full game, and it is a full artistic piece. Now one can discuss for long what "artistic" means, and it can be argued that Grand Theft Auto or God of War are artistic pieces, and indeed, they are in their own right (since I believe everything created with intentionality is art). But what I mean here is this game tries, and succeeds to (at least with me) to create genuine emotion, in the same way a book can.
It is a very short game, and it is a bit confusing the first few minutes. Don't give up!


..né.a Beyrouth & Zeid wa Leila

Zeid wa Leila is going to be screened at the ..né.a Beyrouth festival, on Friday the 21th, around 21:30

Also, will be screened the short animations of our dear friends:

  • Hybride, by Marylin Farah, on Friday also, at 18:30;
  • Günz, by Amandine Brenas, Saturday 22, at 20:00.

Enjoy Lebanese Animation!



The website of ely is online!

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Project Naming Conventions for Animation

This is a guide for naming conventions for group projects. Of course, this guide is of no use if you use some sort of version control software. But as this is not always possible or even desired, here is an alternative. Read the rest of this entry »