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Yelostudio's Scenario Guide


In case you want to know more, read this, or else, bypass and jump to the "characters" chapter.

I am not trying to teach how to write a story. Many people, more skilled than me, have written books, essays, and are giving classes about scenarios at this very moment, while you are reading this. I am not much of a theory person. What I truly think about scenario is that anyone could write one. In fact, I think your average illiterate guy has probably a better shot at storytelling than you. If you tell him a story, he will say right away if it is boring or if he wants to know more. Our problem, us storytellers, whether we are movie makers, writers or comic books artists, is that we think too much. We have too much theories, categories and names for everything. However, we cannot go back. Once you know, you know. But when I get stuck while writing a story, which happens more or less every time I must come up with a story, I find that after all theories can help. Read the rest of this entry »


Notes on Punctuation

Here are a few notes about punctuation. This article can end many many long pointless conversations, so keep it at hand. I have not written a single line in this article. It is all copy-pasted from other sources I cannot quite recall right now.

1. Comma splices (commas used incorrectly between two complete sentences or main clauses, as in I just love those commas, they’re so much fun; instead use periods, semicolons, dashes, or conjunctions between complete sentences); especially with: Read the rest of this entry »


Notes on Writing a Business Letter

Those are collected bits on how to write a proper business letter. I am going to post them here once and for all. It might come in handy.

Business Letters (in the United States) usually contain the following information (in this order): Read the rest of this entry »


Le Baiser – Chadi Aoun

In some place, two persons are going to meet in the middle of the night.


Issues – Elie Dagher

He has issues. Short By Ely Dagher


Richard and the Apple – Jad Sarout

Richard ate an apple with weird seeds…"ecstasy" was written on them.



Lost – Jad Sarout

A little cannon is lost on an island in the middle of the sea.


Nightmare – Chadi Aoun

Opening scene for Rayane Smaira's short graduation film.



Short Film By Ely Dagher




Ahawa – Chadi Aoun

Clip of the singer Nadia.