Random Stuff

Youssef Haidar Website

The website of Youssef Haidar, talented Lebanese architect


There She Is!

Finally the last episode of There She Is! is out. Not my favorite, but it still one of the best animations of its kind. I am a fan. Go watch it, talk about it, spread the word, these guys deserve recognition!

http://www.sambakza.net/amalloc/tteotta_main.htm Read the rest of this entry »


Khan el Saboun

An didactic video game that was supposed to teach about the making and use of soap, using Saida's Khan el Saboun as a setting and inspiration. Sadly the project never saw the light of day.


Some Interactive Stuff

Those are all abandoned web or interactive CDs projects


Chekchy Girls

Some sketches and drawings of girls. Some of them are cropped because we had to show them to clients (they contained unholy sights), but now we can't find the originals anymore!



E-birth tries to address the problem of cloning and eugenism. It is a fictionnal website, that allows the user to choose his baby's features according to his/her preferences. The user can then add the baby to a cart.

You can access the draft project here (be patient, it is a 6 megs download).


Simple SWF Loader

For those of you that are not on the coding side, but still use flash, here is a really simple SWF preloader for your sites and animations, easy to customize. It's done in Flash CS3 and uses actionscript 3.0. Read the rest of this entry »


HandyCam Simulation in After Effects

This is a collection of presets that simulates a manual hand cam (meaning, it shakes and it looses focus), like the effect that can be seen in many modern Japanese anime such as Naruto. If used subtly, it can just add a spark of life to a still picture. Read the rest of this entry »


Khalas Viruset


Ok people it's really easy
Really really easy.
Reaaaaaaaaaally easy.
in fact, an antivirus shouldn't protect you from viruses. You don't really need an antivirus. You need it only as a double-backup. The first check should be your brain. Anyway, to tell you the truth, most virus threats, your antivirus cannot protect you from them, because: Read the rest of this entry »


Everything You always Wanted to Know About Format (but were afraid to ask)


Hello, welcome to Xannax's Tutorial for Formatting your PC. This is a handy tutorial for people that do not understand how a format is done, what it is for, and so on. It is intended as a knowledge base as well as a guide. It will probably not help anyone who is a veteran of windows, but hopefully, it will be a lifesaver to lots of people. Read the rest of this entry »